School Stacherholz

The competition was invited with the aim of samp- long proposals for the enlargement and redeve- lopment of a school built in the 1960s. The primary school was established in the rational style of the "new construction" and shows considerable defects in respect of the energy efficiency of the structural fabric.
To enlarge the space programme two building corpuses are integrated in strategic locations. The positioning of the new rooms for common purposes improves the use of existing public circulation and the internal organisation of the whole complex. Besides, the suggested changes allow a comprehensive usability for the physically handicapped.
The second focus of the design is the thorough reworking of the outer layer. The characteristic features of the existing school are handled in a sensitive way and are brought technically on a contemporary standard. The supplement construc- tions will stand out considerably in terms of their colour and shape, so that an interesting contrast develops between the austere architectural code of the existing buildings and the more playful enlargements.

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 School Stacherholz
 School Stacherholz
 School Stacherholz
 School Stacherholz